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Description of the Records
St. Louis Circuit Court Case Files
The case files consist of civil, criminal and chancery actions filed in the St. Louis Circuit court, its predecessors and subsidiary courts. They possess exceptional evidential, informational, and intrinsic value, documenting the legal basis of the early court system, profiling local individuals of national prominence, and illustrating broad themes of American intellectual and social history.
Specialized Series
To facilitate research in distinctive areas of national, regional, and local history, case files dealing with specific topics are presented here as artificial, subject-oriented records series, however these files remain part of the larger St. Louis Circuit Court Case File records series.
St. Louis Fur Trade Cases
Native American Case Files
Lewis and Clark / Corps of Discovery Case Files
Freedom Suit Case Files
Other Related Records Series
Over the years, the Circuit Court has produced various types of records that document its activities. Record series that complement the case files are described briefly and those available on microfilm are listed.
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