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Lewis and Clark/Corps of Discovery
The Lewis and Clark/Corps of Discovery case files consist of 100 court cases in which Meriwether Lewis (1774-1809) or William Clark (1770-1838) are defendants, plaintiffs, or play a prominent role.
Related Case - Probate Estate File of William Clark
Learn more about Lewis and Clark/Corps of Discovery.
Freedom Suits
The Freedom Suits consist of nearly 301 legal petitions for freedom brought by or on behalf of persons of color held in slavery within the St. Louis area from 1814 to 1860.
Learn more about the Freedom Suits.
Fur Trade Cases
The Fur Trade Cases consist of 82 court actions stemming from the fur trade in Missouri and neighboring states and territories.
Learn more about the Fur Trade Cases.
Native American Suits
The Native American Suits series consists of 32 suits involving Native Americans.
Learn more about the Native American Suits.
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